October 10, 2022
Les mains dans les poches

The quality of our products is based on the constant study of all parts of the coat. Our main objective is to meet the desires and needs of our customers. This season we have reinforced the pockets of our models.

Beautiful, practical and quality

As a coat specialist, Trench & Coat offers you more than 60 new coat models every season. Thanks to you, our customer service collects the necessary information to update our products so that they meet your desires. Our internal style office allows us to have a continuous reflection on the elaboration of the collections.

For this winter 2022 collection, our stylist has decided to completely redesign the pockets. Indeed, this area of the coat is very solicited. We slip our hands in there to protect ourselves from the cold, we insert our keys, we sneak in the little things of everyday life that can stay within reach.

Vanessa has therefore worked with her team to obtain a quality in line with these uses. The composition of the fabric has been changed, it is now a more robust cotton that also allows to warm the hands. The seams have been reinforced. These improvements will allow you to enjoy your coat longer and use your pockets more serenely.