October 04, 2022
Le pouvoir des femmes

Trench and Coat brings together about 70 different trades. It is a company that creates coats by women for women. Let's give a voice to those who contribute to the transformation of the dream into reality.


Trench and Coat's ambition is to offer quality coats to all women. Cuts, materials, patterns and colors that correspond to the desires of our customers. To each her own style! Vanessa, the brand's stylist, carefully creates collections of iconic coats. Then the journey of the coat begins. It will pass through the expert hands of the Trench and Coat team to finally arrive at your home. Mathilde, who is part of the seamstress team, will shape the coat. Olga will work on the technical aspects of the product. Aurélia and Lucie will control its quality. Céline, in collaboration with the shooting team, will take pictures of it. It will then be sent to Gaëlle and Victorine who will put it online on the website www.trench-and-coat.com.

Each member of the team does everything possible to offer you quality products and an optimal service.

Discover the team's favorite coats