Imagining, designing and making coats, trench coats and jackets is not done with a snap of the fingers, as you can imagine. It's a long job that requires a lot of investment, but above all, it calls on the cream of the crop and the best experts.

These conditions are met in our two workshops. The first is that of our parent company, in France. This is the headquarter of our creations, and it is here that tomorrow's models and small productions are developed. Our second Ukrainian workshop is where the wonders imagined and designed in France are realized. There, the fairy-fingered seamstresses ensure the production of the coats and jackets you will wear next season


Inspiration and fabrics

Creating a new collection is a lengthy process that requires no less than a year's thought. It all starts with deciphering the trends to come. Our stylists search, inquire, get inspired to create a very precious "trend book", which will then give a serious impulse to future creations. Once the inspirations have been validated, checked, and doubly approved by the team, we go to the Parisian Première Vision trade show, the Eldorado of textile and fashion professionals. There, we look for nuggets and make selections of materials and colors for our future coats.


The second step: the development of the collection plan, the famous thread that runs through the design process of the new coats and jackets collection. This is the moment when the creativity of our styling team comes to the boil and the coffee flows in the office, while respecting the balance and coherence of the offer. We sort the materials, define the color ranges, unroll the fabrics, create exclusive patterns for our linings and then we design the models.


3rd step and not the least: the designers' drawings are handed over to the fairy fingers of our Hazebrouck workshop. The designer then defines the measurements and technical characteristics of each model to create competition patterns. Our experienced seamstresses then take the patterns and make the first prototypes, called "the canvases". Concretely, the pattern is installed on the selected fabric that will be cut. The different pieces of fabric are then assembled to make the final "canvas". As far as validation is concerned, everything is in the hands of our meticulous controller who checks the conformity of the prototypes in the smallest details, from measurements to assembly and seams.


The 4th step is crucial as it consists of reviewing all the canvases made in our workshop. We scrutinize them, try them out and then debrief to select only the most beautiful models. The selection is strict, the opinions are clear-cut and the favorites are often already there.

The selected models are once again in the hands of the stylists who are in charge of choosing the accessories (buttons, linings...) and fine-tuning the details (type of pockets, placement of the buttons, shape of the collar...). The second round of prototypes is then launched and allows to validate the style and the "good fit" of the model, but also to try it on mannequin so that the model adjusts volumes and falls, for a perfect coat.


Once all our prototypes have been validated, the collections are presented to our shop customers who select their favorite pieces. At the same time, we order the fabrics, for the great majority from our faithful Italian suppliers. The production phase can finally start! Our team of passionate experts then take their tickets. Heading to our Ukrainian workshop to brief the aces of the sewing machine and to pass on all the know-how and expertise signed by Lener Cordier. Coats, trench coats, jackets and parkas... The new Trench & Coat collection is revealed. Can't wait to present it to you!