Trench & Coat by Lener

It all starts in Hazebrouck in the North of our beloved hexagon. In 1954, Marguerite Lener, the grandmother of our big boss, starts making clothes, all alone in her attic. A business woman at heart, Marguerite in fact initiated the beginnings of her start-up. Named Lener Cordier, the company will become one of the jewels of the French textile industry by specializing in the "sleeve piece" and manufacturing for a multitude of French brands. As the years go by, the company grows and becomes a big company whose know-how is transmitted from generation to generation. Marguerite's two sons quickly joined the adventure and then, in 1986, her grandson, Frédéric Lener, took over. The sentence was irrevocable: Lener Cordier still had many long years ahead of it.

Et what about Trench & Coat ?

Years later, in 2014, our team has a very simple idea: use the remaining stocks and scraps of fabric. Because yes, when manufacturing for other brands, there is always a little bit of fabric left over and enough to make beautiful pieces - you see us coming - such as coats. Bingo. Trench & Coat, the new baby star of Lener Cordier was born. A first collection was created,and we took the plunge into a whole new adventure.

Today, with the 60 years of expertise of our parent company, we buy our own fabrics from our faithful Italian suppliers, always calculating our needs as accurately as possible in order to not wasting anything. This is our planet friendly.

Our style team and our workshop of pattern makers and seamstresses have never left our homeland: Hazebrouck once, Hazebrouck always. This is our frenchy side..

As for the production of our coats, most of the work is done in our own Lener Cordier factory in the Ukraine (and smaller handling in France) thanks to a team of ultra-specialist experts who handle the sewing machines like no one else. This is our made in Europe side

Trench and Coat Specialist

When it comes to the collection development issue, we're coat obsessed. But also trench coats, jackets, safari jackets, parkas,... In short, everything you will see. We have fun with reworked basics, invented designs, bright colors, subtle details, quality materials and always at very nice prices.

In terms of distribution, we have installed our most beautiful pieces on the shelves of our favorite shops and concept stores that you can discover here. Our e-shop has recently been given a makeover (so, do you like it?) and Instagram has become our new best friend.

We also collect Miles. France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Korea... We have itchy feet and we're now parading our coats and jackets all around the world. But the most beautiful story is probably the one you write day after day with us. So, un grand merci.

  1. Timeless

    Re-worked basics and fashionable timeless designs that parade season after season.
  2. Accessible

    Collections at friendly prices without compromising on style and quality.
  3. Quality

    Recognized know-how, controlled cuts, rigorously selected fabrics: nothing is left to chance.

    Colors, fabrics, cuts and sizes galore to suit all styles and body shapes.

    Lining, buttons, under collar... Details are our obsession, collection after collection

It must be said that with Marine, Gaëlle, Vanessa, Céline, Sandrine, Michel and the others, we are a great team. Mixed Skills and ages, (good) ideas abound, dynamism is required and a smile is our best uniform. Our leitmotiv? A human-sized, passionate and united team.


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