For those who know us well, you know that Trench & Coat shares a great History with Ukraine. Indeed, Trench & Coat is the passionate and stubborn work of 2 teams of 2 nationalities divided in 2 workshops: France & Ukraine.

In short, you will have understood, Trench & Coat without Ukraine would not be Trench & Coat and this is why we are particularly touched and upset by the situation that directly affects our employees and their families. Through this page, we would like to pay tribute to our Ukrainian teams and to all the actions they have valiantly undertaken since February 24th.

France & Ukraine

- 1 French workshop located in Hazebrouck with 90 employees. Here we imagine, design, develop and validate the prototypes of the collection.

- 1 Ukrainian workshop located in the Rivne region, with 250 employees. C’est là-bas que sont envoyés nos prototypes validés pour que nos couturières assurent la production de nos collections. Located in the west of the country, our Ukrainian workshop is not directly affected by the conflict for the moment and is still functioning.


Despite the circumstances, our teams on site are showing honorable courage and are more than ever committed. As a symbol of resistance, our employees have voluntarily decided to work on March 8, a day that is normally a holiday in Ukraine. On weekends, the teams and their families gather in the workshop to make camouflage nets for their husbands, sons and friends.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the French and Ukrainian teams have been coordinating to organize humanitarian convoys in which foodstuffs, hygiene products, baby products and warm clothes are transported every week to the cities most affected by the conflict.

Congratulations to these men and women for their bravery and determination.

Trench & Coat

Our teams stand for Ukraine