To complete our collection of trench-coats, parkas, coats and jackets for women, Trench & Coat is delighted to offer a range of faux fur scarves.

Our stylists have thought of essential accessories this winter to go perfectly with your coat. The best way to face winter temperatures is to be wrapped in a very soft material !

As with the all our fall winter collection, we take care of details and bring finishing touches to each model in order to make it unique to you.

Difficult to miss our COLIGNY scarf: in extra soft and dense imitation fur, its shape is particularly adapted to protect you from the cold, especially with an open or tailored collar coat. . Its little extra : it is in imitation fur on both sides for even more warmth and softness.

Widely acclaimed each winter, our neck scarf VISORA comes back in force with 2 additional colours ! Its shape here is rather suitable for high neck coats. It’s enriched with Stay warm at Trench & Coat by ordering your favorite winter accessory online!


Far from being an accessory, the essential neck scarf in imitation fur is carefully designed at Trench & Coat. Our scarves are governed by the same values ​​and attention to detail as for Trench & Coat coats. We have selected the imitation fur fabric for its softness and density qualities. Small pieces such as necklaces and scarves require special care to make them unique to your eyes.