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August 09, 2022
Vous êtes invitée au shooting Trench & Coat

Discover the backstage of the Trench & Coat shootings. For this season, our team went to the Netherlands, Edam and Geneva in Switzerland...

A shooting like no other ...

Here are now two years that the organization of photo shoots is quite perilous. The Covid 19 pandemic did not help. All happy to put back in place our travels for the shootings, our stylists and artistic directors decide to take us to the Netherlands, to Edame and to Switzerland in Geneva.

Yes but, during our first trip to Geneva, Martin, our community manager, was tested and learned that he had the Covid.... His visit is therefore cancelled. Vanessa, our Trench and Coat stylist, had her suitcase stolen in the train... It will miss some accessories and a parka. Despite these events, the shooting goes rather well. Alice, our model is at the top, the coats are superb. During our escapade in Edame, things did not go as planned either. Indeed, Vanessa, our Trench and Coat stylist discovers that she is positive to Covid... The eyes of Luca, our commercial attaché will not betray us, his room neighbors at the hotel must have had something to celebrate...

Fortunately everyone is in good health and did not suffer too much from the virus!

In short, we will keep good memories of this shoot despite the hazards.

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